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R-2000 homes are the most energy-efficient and environmentally responsible new homes on the market.

R-2000 homes are extraordinary homes. They are built to demanding standards for energy efficiency and indoor air quality that far surpass others in the marketplace. They are designed and constructed by specially trained builders, who are committed to providing the very best for their customers. They are backed by a quality assurance process that’s unique in the industry. And every R-2000 home is certified by the Government of Canada. That ’s truly extraordinary.

If you are thinking about buying a new home, take the opportunity to find out what R-2000 is all about. Browse through this site, contact your regional R-2000 Office for more information on R-2000 in your area, or use the "Find A Member" module to the right. Select "R2000 Builder" under Category with your province or local HBA to find R-2000 Builders in your area. Then make your next home an R-2000 home.

The ten most important things to know about R-2000:

  1. R-2000 represents a way of building homes, not a specific design, style or type of home. Virtually any home can become an R-2000 home.
  2. R-2000 homes are built to the R-2000 Standard—a series of strict technical requirements for energy efficiency, indoor air quality and environmental responsibility, above and beyond anything required by building codes.
  3. The R-2000 Standard is voluntary. Builders choose to build R-2000 homes because they believe that the technology is superior to conventional construction and they want to provide their customers with a better built home.
  4. Every R-2000 builder has taken extra training in advanced design and construction techniques. And every R-2000 builder has a license to prove it. Only licensed R-2000 builders can offer you an R-2000 home.
  5. R-2000 homes are not experimental. They use only proven technology, proven techniques and proven products.
  6. The R-2000 Standard is updated periodically to reflect the latest research and developments in the industry, and to keep R-2000 on the leading edge.
  7. Every R-2000 home goes through a strict independent quality assurance process of testing and verification from beginning to end, from blueprint to completion. No other homes offer this level of quality assurance.
  8. Every R-2000 home is certified. Once a home has passed all tests and inspections, you will receive a numbered certificate from the Government of Canada—your proof that you own an R-2000 home.
  9. Only certified homes are R-2000 homes. Homes that are "almost R-2000" or "as good as" or “built to the standard but not certified”…don’t count, because those homes don't have quality assured performance.
  10. Amid growing concerns over greenhouse gasses and global warming, R-2000 provides a model for environmentally responsible housing, both in Canada and around the world.


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