Member's Toolkit Guide: Flood Recovery Information

The following information resources can assist homeowners and professional builders and renovators in planning and managing the rehabilitation of flood affected homes.  These materials address the general issues encountered with flood- and water-damaged houses. 

Before undertaking any of the measures outlined in these materials, it is recommended that you check with local building and emergency management officials to ensure that it is safe to conduct work on the home, and that all necessary approvals are in place. 

Information from the CHBA - Calgary Region

CHBA-Calgary region has compiled a Flood Information Toolkit which covers what you need to know about restoring and rebuilding your home. has a wealth of timely information on everything related to the flood, including a live blog with updates on where help is needed.

The City of Calgary’s website and the Calgary City News Blog have the most up-to-date information of the local flood conditions and notices to residents.

The Alberta government’s flood page also offers timely updates and links to valuable information.

Here is a guide to Flood Recovery via the Red Cross.

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Employment Insurance Work-Sharing program

The Government of Canada has approved the use of special measures under the Employment Insurance Work-Sharing program to assist employers and workers temporarily affected by the flooding in Alberta and Manitoba.

Generally, Work-Sharing is designed to help companies facing a temporary downturn in business avoid layoffs by offering Employment Insurance Part I income support to workers willing to work a reduced work week while their company recovers.

In terms of the just activated special measures, employers that are located in communities where a state of emergency has been declared and that are experiencing a temporary shortage of work due to the flooding may benefit from these measures, which involve waiving certain program criteria to enter into a work-sharing agreement.

Eligible employers in affected areas have until September 27, 2013, to apply for an agreement involving these special measures.

Association members may find further information on Work-Sharing on-line at and by contacting the local Service Canada Centre.

The Canada Employment Insurance Commission recently signed off on the use of these EI Work-Sharing special measures and the announcement of the first company to use them followed soon thereafter.  Here is a link to the media release.

Information From Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Cleaning Up Your House After a Flood - This detailed guide for homeowners provides useful advice on how to begin the post-flood clean up process safely.

After the Flood - A Homeowner’s Checklist -  Short, summary information to help homeowners plan their clean up efforts.

Information From Alberta Health Services

Cleaning a House After a Flood - Good general information for homeowners on how to carry out post-flood cleaning of a home.

Mouldy Homes and Buildings - Mould can be a major issue in flood or water-damaged homes.  This publication provides a good overview of how to deal with mould growth.

Disinfecting Private Water Supplies After Flooding - If you are under a boil water advisory, or on a private water service, such as a well, that has been contaminated by flood water, this publication provides information on treating water to render it safe for use.

Cistern Cleaning - For rural homeowners utilizing a cistern, this publication provides information on post-flood cleaning.

Helping Children and Teens Recover from a Disaster or Emergency  - Children and teens don’t react the same way as adults after a disaster or emergency. This publication provides suggestions and advice on how to help children and teenagers

Information From Saskatchewan Ministry of Health

Cleaning Up After the Flood - A useful guide for homeowners on various aspects of post-flood cleanup.

Information from the US Restoration Industry Association

After the Catastrophe - A checklist on first steps after a flood or fire

Contractor Preparation Tips - Considerations for businesses getting involved in restoration/clean up

Flooding Clean Up Advisory - specific information for professionals on issues regarding restoration after a flood

Information from the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction

Handbook for Reducing Basement Flooding

Other Sources of Useful Information

The United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) website offers a wide range of information on dealing with post-flood home repairs.